What it means to promote and optimize AdultSeo

The theme I chose is the result of a brainstorming where the winning idea is also the obvious one. Yes, you guessed – I’ll talk about what SEO is and what it means for online businesses. I will not talk now about how to implement SEO principles or what are the advantages and disadvantages of promoting the Internet. Being a relatively complex notion – I will limit myself to exactly what the title expresses.

Also, specialists have realized the need for conscious control in the process of increasing visibility in search engines, and this has spawned a new science: Adult SEO – search engine optimization, which aims to increase the quality of traffic a site.

Depending on the degree of morality of the techniques used, Adult SEO can be divided into:

  • SEO white hat (SEO white hat) – promotion exactly matches policies suggested or insinuated by search engines. The adopted techniques are directed towards a positive experience for visitors, but not directly to the increase of positions in the search results pages.
  • SEO black hat (SEO) – The goal of the promotion is to manipulate the perception of search engines about the quality (relevance and importance) of the site. Examples include: excessive use of keywords in titles and page content, hiding words behind images, serving different content for human visitors and site indexing robots, buying links or social interactions, over-optimizing anchor text, adding a large number of pages without valuable content, etc.
  • SEO gray hat – a combination of the above two, where, while respecting the moral norms, certain practices are nevertheless doubtful and long-term could be discovered and sanctioned.

Most often in SEO it is a balance and a compromise between the instinctive and the acquired ones. This is about excellent resource management and prioritizing efforts. This is added value. It’s about luck.