Snapchat Update brings many news to the iPhone

Snapchat is one of the most popular applications among young people, attracting hundreds of millions of users worldwide thanks to the features they offer. Although it has been surpassed by Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp in recent years, Snapchat is still popular enough to motivate the developer to continuously implement new and exciting new features.

Snapchat has three new features starting last night called paperclip links, backgrops and voice filters, and in the video below you can see exactly what can be done with each of them. We start with paperclip links, this new feature of Pirater Snapchat being perhaps the most important one announced today because it allows adding webpages to snappings made.

Snapchat allows us to click a snap icon to attach a web link to that snap published for our friends when creating a snap in the application platform. The relevant web link we can attach to Snapchat can be seen by anyone with a simple bottom-up sliding done in the application interface, so it will not be immediately visible without any interaction.

Snapchat has integrated a feature that was nevertheless offered for some days, allowing it to display geolocalized filters whenever we need them. With their help, we can display Pirater Snapchat Gratuit pictures only in certain areas of the planet, or in some areas of the planet, so the content is also discovered by people in those areas away from ours.

As it turned out, the changes did not go well for the public. “Snapchat updates” searches on Twitter confirm this. Thus, it turned out that Snapchat changes have done more harm than good. The company is aware of this, and a spokesperson spoke about it at the beginning of the week.

“Big updates like these can be a little disturbing and it takes a little while to get used to them. We hope that once it goes into the routine, users will enjoy it, “he said. The company also asked users to give the app a chance, saying it is not possible to return to the previous application.